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A Filthified Conversation

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007



“Titinatamad ako.”

Since Our Last Post

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Trog went to Boston, New York, San Diego and Brussels (and is off to London tomorrow).

Monster went to Sigtuna.

Ats celebrated a birthday, as did M.

Monster saw The Prestige, Night at the Museum and Notes on a Scandal.

Trog and Monster have grown obsessed with pre-Julius Roman history.

Many cute outfits have been worn, discarded and forgotten.

We’re baaack. We apologize for our absence.

Cultural Exchange: Kjeftesmelle

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

“Trog, I’m doing a load of coloreds. Where are your coloreds? Don’t hand them to me, put them in the machine! And when you put pots into the dishwasher, make sure they’re face down because otherwise water gathers in them! I’ve told you that before. Oh, and it’s your turn to make the bed. Have you taken the trash out yet? Why isn’t there any water in the vase? Roses die without water, you know! You’re really sweaty. I hope you take a shower before heading out. I’m sick! Give me some water!”

Kjeftesmelle: chatterbox


? kjefte: to scold, yell at

Or in Tagalog: bungangera

Some concepts really translate well.

Today’s Cute Outfit: Monday, 12 February 2007

Monday, February 12th, 2007
  • Hair ironed, worn down
  • Small diamond marquise-cut earrings
  • Diamond cross pendant
  • Pink Thomas Pink shirt with French cuffs, worn uncuffed
  • Hot pink merino wool Banana Republic sweater
  • Usual rings
  • Grey tweed J. Crew trousers
  • High pointy black boots
  • Outerwear: Puffy black Via Spiga jacket, hot pink Banana Republic zip-up cardigan, suede boots, pink “cashmere” scarf from NY sidewalk

Monster still misses Trog.

I Have No Capacity

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

Spent the week cheating on K with F, a very cute partner in another practice group who suckered me into joining a project with the initial representation that it would take no more than fifteen minutes of my time. “This is a very small thing,” he said. “Fix this draft, then boom-boom-boom, you’re done.” That initial “very small thing” took me three hours, of course, after which I reported back to F. “Very good,” he said. “Now, fix these other two things.” Before I knew it there were eight “small things” that had somehow landed on my desk, all requiring my urgent attention. Progression from drafting to signing to closing all occurred in four days.

On Wednesday the principals signed the deal that had consumed most of my working day for the past four months. Signing took place in another time zone, and K and I were kept busy after hours merrily finalizing the document we sent to our foreign counterparts. And after the celebratory woo-hoo when we shot out our last email, K stopped by my room en route to the elevators.

“Share a cab home?” he asked. “Can’t,” I answered. “Working for F on other equally urgent affairs.”

“What?!?!” K said. “You’re still not going home?”

“No,” I sighed, and returned to working on Big Important Things.

On Thursday morning K arrived to see me on the floor, papers radiating from my supine form.

“I’m going to teach you something very important,” he said. “‘I have no capacity.’ That’s a direct translation from a Norwegian phrase, and I hear it all the time. Use it and it will save your life.”

I have no capacity. Brilliant. Because it really is true: I have no capacity, in any arena.

On Friday K’s good morning greeting was accompanied with: “I need you to drop everything for the next ninety minutes and work on this.”

“K, I have no capacity,” I said.

“Of course you do. I taught you that, so you can’t use it on me.

But I’m Happy!

Monday, February 5th, 2007

This one’s for A, who celebrated her one-year job anniversary today.

This article completely explains one of the people we Walk On By.

Congratulations A! I know all your wildest dreams have indeed been fulfilled!

Early Warning Device

Monday, February 5th, 2007

God-Empress, because you asked (although this is useful only to me):

I work with my back to the door in my centrally located walled-in corridor, where it can get pretty darn noisy. Outside my window is a large construction scaffold, with an equipment elevator that goes up and down incessantly; only a glass wall divides me from the busy legal soldiers traipsing along on their way to the stairs or the printer.


Thwarted Nerdhood, or, I Need a Life

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

Being a tad melancholy after I left Trog at the train station, I attempted to walk off my mood and aimlessly wandered through the city in search of diversion. I saw very little of interest in Oslo this Sunday morning; shops and cafes were closed, there were very few people, and the sunshine deprived me of even the moderate entertainment value of shivering against the cold.

As I am a creature of habit my feet turned of their own accord and I soon found myself strolling toward Place of Employment.

Pop in for five minutes? I thought. It’s a Sunday morning, I have nothing better to do, and I may as well get a head start on the week’s tasks. There’s a binder of documents sitting prettily on my desk that I wouldn’t mind leafing through right about now. Why not?

Here’s why not:


Home Alone

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

Here’s what the Monster is watching, reading, eating and drinking.

Confusing the Staff

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

At dinner last night we ordered a San Miguel, a San Miguel Zero, a burger and fries, and a salad of grilled tuna on lettuce.

The drinks came first.

“No, the non-alcoholic one is for me,” Trog said, gently correcting our server.

Then the food was served.

“No, the burger is for my wife,” Trog said.